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Coleção Collection01 - #freedaleaskey collection

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#freedaleaskey collection


  • 2012-2013 (Acumulação)
  • 1994, 2010-2013 (Produção)

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Progressive LIbrarians Guild - Greater Toronto Area Chapter (PLG GTA) (2011-)

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We are Toronto-area library workers who are concerned with social justice and equality issues, charged with the stewardship of knowledge, championing open access to information, and preserving common space. We are interested in issues of freedom of expression, attacks on Canadian heritage, freedom of information, privacy, censorship, copyright, equitable access to information, the fostering of critical information literacy, and the broad social implications of the commodification of information and increasing corporate influence on libraries. As library workers, we recognize that the increasing lack of job security, de-professionalization, and casualization of our profession threatens the “free public sphere which makes an independent democratic civil society possible.”

We are a new voice in the Canadian library community seeking to influence progressive dialogue and political action in our communities and associations.

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Collection consists of public statements, publicly available press releases, blog posts, letters of support, online comments and more ephemeral elements related to the #FreeDaleAskey campaign that developed as a response to court proceedings filed by publisher Herbert W. Richardson and the Edwin Mellen Press against academic librarian Dale Askey in June 2012 and his employer McMaster University.

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This collection was identified, selected and preserved by members of the Progressive Librarians Guild of the Greater Toronto Area (PLG-GTA) beginning in February 2013. Our selection criteria is based on our aims to identify and preserve online debate regarding the court case and the surrounding issues of academic freedom of librarians. As a result, we have focused on professional responses to the court case from the librarian community and media coverage online, particularly those sites that generated online comments.

Sites that have little or no change or traffic following the initial publication may be weeded to reduce duplication. All weeding will be documented and rationalized.


Websites were captured daily once the presence of a relevant blog post or media story was known by a member of the PLG-GTA.

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Websites have been organized roughly into categories based on the format or genre of the website (i.e. public statements, letters of concern, blog posts, online articles etc.) and entered into the collection collection based on the date site was published or when the site became known to members of PLG-GTA.

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Materials captured and gathered from various online sources are governed by the access, copyright and reproduction statements attributed by their authors.

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Description developed in April 2013.
Revised 01 July 2013 by ASt.Onge.
Revised 09 September by ASt.Onge.


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